Perfect Uninstaller

Name: Perfect Uninstaller
Current Version: 1.09
Platform: Android
Category: Tools
Requires: 2.1 and up
• More accurate method of computer installed app’s size
• Fix an refresh issue after batch uninstall
• Add app name under icon in grid view
• Change multi-select icon to check-box icon,more easier understand than before
• App is 40% smaller than old version via remove useless code and resource file

Perfect Uninstaller is a professional android system tool. It could help you to uninstall applications easily and effectively.

  • Two uninstall mode : single uninstall and batch uninstall
  • Convenient search function
  • Six sort options :[Name A → Z] /[ Name Z → A] / [Size ↓] / [Size ↑] / [Install Date ↑]/ [Install Date ↓]
  • Two Display mode :List(Details) and Grid(Concise)
  • Long click to view app in PlayStore
  • Long click to show app manage page
  • User friendly UI, with nice animation
  • Very easy to use
Regularly uninstall useless apps is a good habit ,it can save your phone storage , delete useless garbage data , prevent too much useless apps drain your battery , make your phone speed fast.

Perfect Uninstaller is a good assistant help you do this ,make you uninstall apps easily and fast ,batch uninstaller mode can save you a lot time ,the search bar help you find app easily , six sorting options can satisfy your different need , if you want to uninstall biggest apps to save phone storage ,please select “[Size ↓]” ,if you want to uninstall apps you just downloaded ,please select “[Install Date ↓]” ,if you want to uninstall oldest apps ,please select “[Install Date ↑]“

If you want to uninstall app easily ,please download this app ,help you save time ,help you manage apps effectively , help you save more phone storage ,help your phone speed faster.

Please Note:
This app can ONLY uninstall third-party apps.
This app CAN NOT uninstall system apps.

Thanks for Germany Friend Chris P and Korean Friend 박미리 translating the app and this description into Deutsch and Korean,many thanks.

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