Earn money while surfing by viewing cashbar!

20dollars2surf is a cashbar that lets you earn money by displaying advertising on your computer screen while you surf the internet. With the 20dollars2surf referral's system, you earn 10% of all your referral's points down through a massive 10 referral levels.

How to earn cash?
  1. You need to earn points, and this points are CONVERTED TO CASH every 1st day on the month.
  2. By playing the BINGOSURF, you can win a $1 or the jackpot prize. 1 free grid everyday.
  3. By playing the WHEELSURF, you can win a $1 or the jackpot prize. 2 free spin everyday.
  4. CASHOUT your money by PAYPAL or ALERTPAY or HIPAY.
How to earn points?
  1. Install the CASHBAR, 20dollars2urf has a cashbar that gives you points everytime while it is running.
  2. By doing the CLICKS BONUS, you just have to click the ads and you will earn points.
  3. By joining the SUPER REFERRAL, you share the points of all the cashbars connected.
  4. By MAIL BONUS, 20dollars2surf sends a link to your e-mail, you have to click it to earn the points.
  5. Earn points from your REFERRALS, you earn 10% of your referrals points.
  6. Join the SPONSOR VIP, you can have new member who joins in 20dollars2surf without a sponsor.
What is 20$Pass and how to get?
  1. 20$Pass is used to play the games BINGOSURF, WHEELSURF, SUPER REFERRAL, SPONSOR VIP
  2. You can win a 20$Pass from, BINGOSURF, WHEELSURF, CASHBAR, or Buy it from the site or partner sites.
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