SplashPlugin - Premium WordPress Plugin
Splash Plugin" is a Word Press plugin that allows you to display static and dynamic tabs on the left and/or right side of your website. They are non-intrusive and a fun way get attention. You have control on how the tabs will look using our built-in tools or our pre-designed tabs.

Here’s What You Get:
  • WordPress Plugin that allows you to quickly and easily create Splash Tabs on either sides of the screen
  • You can add any content into the tabs, including: ads, messages, videos, images, opt-ins, polls, announcements, etc.
  • You can use our built-in tool to create any size tab you want or you can upload your own background image.
  • You can position the tab as “absolute” (you can’t see it if you scroll down) and “fixed” (you can see it regardless of where you scroll to.
  • 42 Pre-Designed Tabs with 7 designs, 3 sizes and on both sides
  • 42 PSD Files that has other presets that can be an easy 84 tabs
Disclaimer : All the games, themes, softwares and other resources are reproduced from any sources, forums or blogs. If any violation of your copyright, please inform, we will remove within 24 hours.
All credit is given to the original ripper or uploader.
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