What is Matrixilia?
Matrixilia is a 4x9 into the matrix. Matrix is not a Finance Pyramid (Ponzi). Ponzi is when you are promised to get a high interest rate on your investment - a lot more compared to what you get in banks. However Pyramids don't do anything with your money, they just wait for new investments, and use them to pay older members.

How Does Matrixilia Work?
Upon registration, you are required to pay a fee of $5.00. This money will then split between your uplines(Refer chart below). You do not only gain money for every person you refer, but you also get paid for the referrals referred by your referrals and then for their referrals and so on, 8 levels deep!.
As we are a forced matrix program, members will earn even without directly referring anyone! Whenever a user is filled with 4 downlines, the next download will "spillover" to become sub-referral of your direct referrals. Not to mention, you get $1.00 for each directly referred member!
For these reasons, earning in Matrixilia is almost guaranteed, even without much effort .

See our Matrix Commission Chart
      Level # of Members Commission Total
1 4 $1.00 $4
2 16 $0.50 $8
3 64 $0.40 $25.6
4 256 $0.30 $76.8
5 1024 $0.20 $204.8
6 4096 $0.20 $819.2
7 16384 $0.20 $3276.8
8 65536 $0.20 $13107.2

This is your total earnings: $17522.4

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