There are many reasons to send links to friends. Sharing links is a great way to build social interactions as well relationships with one another. But did you know that every time you send a link, you are helping companies and websites make money?

As most of you already know, links help companies and websites generate traffic and it will turn into conversions and revenue. But don’t you feel as though, they should be paying you for helping them out?

Linkbucks can turn your regular links into paid links. Every time someone clicks on your paid links, you will be rewarded with cash. Make money by sharing your link on forums, blogs, social networking sites or even your website.
Linkbucks is a very unique advertising membership program created by internet marketer Charles Major that allows people to modify their own links so that they can earn ad revenue from them. This program works on the pay-per-click system, working with advertisers to get their ads seen in a variety of places on the internet.

Additional benefits:
  1. Easy to use interface
  2. Get paid every 15 days when you reach the minimum
  3. Turn Any link into a paid link
  4. Total control, choose your own ads
  5. Turn your existing webpage links into paid links
  6. Great way to enhance payments from your website
Sign up for a free account and get paid with your links.

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