The BlackBerry Pearl is the latest and greatest in RIM's line of BlackBerry products. The most striking aspects of the Pearl are its size and shape. It's the same size as most cellular telephones, but when you consider the features and technology packed into it, its size is nothing short of amazing
Everyone knows how addictive a BlackBerry can be--they don't call them "crackberries" for nothing! Well, you haven't seen anything until you try the brand new BlackBerry Pearl. This brand new phone has it all, and it's small, smart, and stylish too. Not only does it have all the features you expect from a BlackBerry (Phone, Email and Text Messaging, Instant Messaging, Organizer, Browser) but it has some great new "Wow" features including a camera, media player, and BlackBerry Maps. In The BlackBerry Pearl Pocket Guide, trusted gadget teacher and best-selling author Bart G. Farkas reveals the secrets to using this amazing new phone: learn how to take cool pictures and share them with your colleagues, view Web pages
The BlackBerry isn't just one device but a series of devices, each with various features. This book focuses on the latest and greatest model: the BlackBerry 8100, dubbed the Pearl. Although all BlackBerries are portable email stations, phones, and text-messaging conduits, the Pearl is special in that it is more like a handheld personal computer than a simple email or telephone appliance. This chapter introduces the history of the BlackBerry and the power, flexibility, and huge feature list of the new Pearla gorgeous jewel that developed from the grain of sand that was the first BlackBerry.

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A former registered nurse, pilot, musician, and petroleum transfer technician, he spends his time writing fiction and nonfiction books in the idyllic climes of Cochrane, Alberta, in the company of his wife, three children, and two cats.
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