Twittad is a Social Media Affinity Network that connects Advertisers and Twitter users. By using Twittad, Twitter users can monetize their profiles & Advertisers can reach ALL of Twitter, the Website, 3rd Party Applications and Mobile Devices!

How It Work?
Tweeps and advertisers meet on Twittad so that the Tweeps can permit advertisers post ads on their profile pages. The payment depends on how long the ad stays on the profile background.

Twittad offers 2 ways to monetize your Twitter profile!
1. Post Twitter Account for Advertisers to Sponsor
  • Post Twitter account for advertisers to sponsor
  • Select your duration & price
  • Wait for advertiser to sponsor
  • Accept or Deny the proposed ad within 48 hours of sponsorship
  • If you accept the ad we will use the Twitter API to upload the ad to your Twitter profile
  • 1-Tweet Promo Sent
  • At the end of the tenure Final Tweet Sent
Note : The advertiser is not purchasing your account, they are simply sponsoring it for whatever time period you offer

2. Opt-In to Advertiser Campaign NEW!
Twittad´s newest feature allows you to search for available Advertiser campaigns based on what interests you. For example, if you are a small business owner on Twitter you can advertise a product that interests you, and get paid to do it!

You start earning as soon as you register your Twitter profile page on Twittad and register for one of the above-mentioned methods or both. Twittad logs into your profile page and places the ad on your profile background. Twittad’s sophisticated technology keeps track of how well the ad is doing on your profile page background. If the ad captures your followers’ attention, you will get paid. The payout is $30.

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